Flat Weather jQuery Plugin

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Flat Weather is an easy to use jQuery plugin that supports switching between three different weather API sources (OpenWeatherMap.org, Wunderground.com or Yahoo Weather) without changing any of your front-end code. Great for dashboards and sidebars!

The code is well-documented and small, with its only external dependency being jQuery, which makes it easy to deploy and extend. The plugin comes with an attractive flat UI css stylesheet, and uses a weather icons font to provide attractive and scalable visuals.

There are plenty of display options that will let you customize the widget for your particular application without forcing you read the source. Responsive css keeps it looking good across desktop and mobile. Includes example code for auto-refreshing on dashboards.

Don’t like any of the default styles? Build your own markup with our uniform data API, which bridges the gap between the Yahoo, Wunderground and OpenWeather APIs and presents a simple and consistent JSON object to interact with. See demo for example code.

Note: OpenWeather and Wunderground API key no longer optional. Must sign up for free account to use either OpenWeatherMap API or Wundergroud API and pass your API key, or use yahoo

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