3 Triggers That Will Make Bitcoin Price Go Up In 2017

This video is about the 3 fundamtental triggers that will make the price of bitcoin go up in 2017

There is a few fundamental things that will affect the price of bitcoin in the near future. Those are:
1. The next Recession. We don’t know exactly when it will happen but we know it will. We have had recession cycles since 1913(federal reserve creation) Within the next 3 years I expect a full expect a recession.

2. The halving of the block rewards. Every 10 minutes, a new block get created on the network and miners receive new bitcoins for finding this block. This is the only way new bitcoin get created and it is pretty much the only sell pressure on the market at the moment.

Since July, Miners receive half the amount of bitcoin they used to receive for finding a block, which equal to half the amount of bitcoin that end-up on an exchange. Less block rewards lead to less bitcoin being sold lead to higher price.

3. Temporal Construal. Investor only see what happened in the very near time frame. The look at yesterday instead of looking at 2-3 years ago. This is not a problem today, but as bitcoin gain in price and get into is next bubble, it will matter more. If you are in for the long term, 5-10 years then it doesn’t matter to you, but if you want to maximize your investment, this should matter.

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