Arcadia – ROM Emulator Plugin

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This plugin will allow you to integrate a rom emulator in your arcadia arcade site that can run popular old school type of games like SEGA (Megadrive), NES, GBA and more! Your visitors will be able to play them without downloading anything.


  • Multiple Consoles – The emulator can run NES, SNES, SEGA (Megadrive), GBA, GBC and GB roms.
  • Integrated – This plugin will just upgrade the built-in game submissions and will allow you to add the roms just like adding HTML5 and Flash games.
  • Easy to Install – Install this plugin to arcadia easily, it includes a plugin installer to help you with the process.

Important Note

The roms are not included in the plugin itself and importing roms using the game importer is not possible. You must download the roms and add it to your site manually. For a cool source of roms, please visit

Customer Support

Please look at the included documentation first. If you can’t find the solution, you can create a new ticket at, a valid purchase code is required! Thanks!

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