Mate Hover | jQuery Plugin

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Mate Hover | jQuery Plugin

Mate Hover – is a jQuery plugin for image hover animations.
You can change the appearance of pop-up elements. You can embed your icons, text etc.


  • Ready to Responsive and Adaptive
  • Simple to use
  • Live preview
  • Cross Browsers
  • Min version 8kb
  • Fully customizable
  • Allow multiple connections
  • Auto Size(on/off)
  • Inhirit Padding(on/off)
  • Supports thirty animation effects from jQuery Easing
  • Overlay Style: classic,rolling(top,bottom,right,left),double(vertical,horizontal),four
Version 1.1:
  • + pop-up position: x-reverse,y-reverse,x+i-reverse,y+i-reverse
  • Full list position of popups: x,y,x+i,y+i,x-reverse,y-reverse,x+i-reverse,y+i-reverse
Change Log:
  • Form focus bug fixed

WordPress version: Mate Hover | WordPress Plugin

Icon by Daniel Bruce (

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