Best Ways To Make Money Online – 3 TOP WAYS!

3 Best Ways To Make Money Online!

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hey my friend chances are you’re watching this video because you’re researching the best ways to make money online well you’re in the right place my friend because inside of this video I’m an exposed to you my personal opinion over the last four years working online full-time and able to make hundreds of dollars a day now I’m gonna have a screen shot up here on the screen right now this is actually my earning in one of my accounts from yesterday so you can see that you can listen to me I dunno what I’m talking about as far as making money online okay now another thing I want to cover is these methods require no prior experience you don’t need any background and I’m actually gonna share with you my top three ways inside of this video and at the very end I’m gonna share with you my number one way so you can really just shortcut all of this and really do it in a way that’s where it way easy and really fast okay so the very first way that you can make money online is doing something called drop shipping okay now what drop shipping basically means is it’s where you go on a website like let’s say eBay or Amazon and you actually list products on there and every time someone orders those products you actually get made you know paid money okay so you can earn money just selling products on eBay and on Amazon now you may be wondering well I don’t have a lot of products around the house how do I actually do that well it’s actually very simple you can actually go to you know a wholesale website you know in let’s say Asia or another country where it’s cheaper and you can actually list it in the United States or in a you know first world country for a lot more and you’re actually gonna be making money on the difference so this is a very powerful way you can make money now it does take you know a little bit of research and a little bit of time and like I said the last method as you continue to watch this video it’s gonna be the one that personally I’ve been doing my students have been doing but drop shipping is definitely an option now the second way you can actually make money is through trading okay so maybe you’ve heard of Forex or the crypto market well basically this means is Forex for example is foreign exchange so what you’re doing is you’re basically taking some of your money you’re putting it into account and you’re trading every time the currency in different world markets change okay.

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