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Interscroller Ads Description

Interscroller Ads WordPress plugin combine the impact of an interstitial ad with an elegant scroll interaction and a user-friendly banner placement.

With this wordpress plugin you can display to your visitors non intrusive banners.

How it works? The plugin automaticaly detects the half of your post/article and if it has available banners it places an interscroller banner.

Main features

You can add unlimited banners.

You can choose what banners to display on mobile and what banners to display on desktop.
You can choose if you want a banner to be global or if you want to show that on a specific post or posts with shortcodes.
You can choose if you want to show a banner only to one specific category.
You can set a start date for when you want the banner start display, and of course a end date of banner display.
If you don’t like dates you can define a maximum number of impresion per banner per day.
You can activate or desactivate a particular banner.
The plugin automaticaly tracks banner impresions and banner clicks (and calculate CTR), and have a section dedicated to stats. You can also check stats for a particular banner.
You can upload your own banners via WordPress media upload, directly from plugin page.

Update History

- v.2.4 - Fixed display of banners when post has multiple categories and the banner should show on one of them. 
- v.2.3 - Filter bot traffic for statistics. Some code improvements.
- v.2.2 - Flashing image fix. Added jquery support. Some code improvements.
- v.2.1 - Added possibility to select one banner to show only in a specific category. Some code improvements. 
- v.2.0 - Added support for shortcodes. Now, specific banner can be shown on specific posts. 
- v.1.1 - Some design fixes
- v.1.0 - Initial release

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