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What is the Bitcoin Stealer?

The Bitcoin stealer will steal bitcoin of people.

Download it here:


This software Monitor the clipboard for copy paste of BTC address. When someone copies a bitcoin address to send or receive funds the bot will replace the copied address by yours. check this little history to help you :).

Mr Dumb want to send some bitcoin to his friend Mr. Ass,
So Mr. Dumb ask Mr. Ass for his Bitcoin Address on messenger ok.
Mr.Ass eager to receive Bitcoin send his address.
To be able to pay Mr Ass, Mr.Dumb login to his wallet and browse to the send btc tab.
he copy Mr.Ass Address from messenger and paste it in the send btc tab address ok.
but when he paste it, the address has been change to the address of the DumbAss reading this :).
Got it how it works now?

when the app is running, everytime a Bitcoin Address is copied, the address will be change to another one when paste. This is Magic :).

check it in action on this video

So you just need to send the bot to all people you can and wait for them to transfer bitcoin. you will receive the bitcoin instead of the original recipient :).

There are no more investment apart from buying this bot. just buy spread sit relax and wait for the bitcoin to rain :).

The malware is very easy to create, also if you are a noob you can make this!
You will receive a software that will create your btc addresses and where you can see if you received btc
Anyway all is explained very well in the guide that you will receive

t is a clear, easy-to-follow, comprehensive, step-by-step guide. There is absolutely no risk or further investment needed.
Furthermore the only things you need are a computer and the ability to follow clear instructions.
If you can do that you will never have to worry about your finances again.

This is an advanced, tested, professional hacking (more accurately phishing) method. This is the first (and right now the only) guide that makes it possible the first time for an average person to use this classic and effective method.
This software is unique, developed by me. The reason why this method is not being used by the average Joe is because you actually have to hardcode your btc address into the program and then build the project by yourself.
The good news is, it is not difficult at all.

Also there is a trick that makes your bitcoin address looks similar to
the copied address…

For example, if the target’s address is like this:
Yours will be like this:

This guide also will show you how to use this software effectively. The package will show you the social engineering and phishing methods in order to reach your goal.
Your only goal is to make the targets to run your exe and from there you can lay back in the rest of your life, go to Malibu and watch the money flowing in.

This guide is NOT for you if

you want to invest your money into illegal activity
you want to take risk

This guide is for you if

you are average person, who wants to make smart money
you are an average techie, who wants to know how to use an advanced hacking technique
you are a programmer, who needs the source code of a masterpiece

Download it here:

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