How to create bitcoin wallet in 4 minutes – Desktop Based

Create safe and secure Bitcoin Wallet

Reasons I am choosing PC desktop based wallet are:

– I have full control over my bitcoin and no other party can hold them.
– It provides highest level of security if used properly in a secure network.
– Complete transparency on software no hidden surprises from programmer.
– Prevents spying on your wallet by rotating addresses.
– You don’t have to submit any information about yourself to other users on the network.
– You can use Tor as a proxy to stay hidden.

Negative side of having desktop wallet is if you hard drive dies your money is gone.
So I will go ahead and choose bitcoin core wallet. It doesn’t really matter which one you choose and it’s better to have many wallets. Also this wallet seems good because it’s open source and provides decent security, privacy and full control over coins.
Select desktop followed by your operating system in this case I am using windows. After that click on install and it will take you to download page.
After you have downloaded this software install it on your disk but make sure you have more then 20GB free space. This wallet requires synchronization of block chain transactions from 6 years ago. So this network synchronization will take some time.
I would advise you to encrypt your wallet with strong password while you leave it to synchronize.

It’s a good practice to go for 10 – 16 characters long password. Speed of synchronization depends mainly on your internet speed.

It took me around 3 hours for block chain synchronization to complete with average UK internet.


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