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| Learn more about the Bitcoin Lifestyles Club Crypto Trading Mastery Course and Mastermind Chat Group on Slack by using this link. In this video you will learn how to leverage your Tron / TRX cryptocurrency in an official tron wallet to earn TRX passively!

UPDATE: I have since switched to the mobile ‘Tron Wallet Me’ wallet. Check out my latest video for Tron Wallet Me, the best and most secure mobile wallet for your Tron / TRX, via my link right here:

Earning from the daily airdrops with your Tron earnings and ready to further expand your residual income with Tron? Good news for you, is that I found an expansion strategy where you can take your airdrop earnings and leverage them to create an additional residual income through Tronbet and the ANTE Token, check out my video tutorial that teaches you how:

What better situation can you have than to be able to earn money just by holding a coin you are likely investing in mid to long term anyways? That is one of the advantages you get by holding Tron off of the exchange in the recommended wallet, Tron Scan. In this video I will show you how to use the Tronscan wallet to freeze your Tron and which Tron super affiliate you can vote for with your Tron Power to earn free tron and tron based tokens daily!

If you still need to buy a Ledger Nano Bitcoin Wallet, you can use the following link:

I also created a video review / tutorial about the Ledger Nano S, get it here:

UPDATE: I have since switched to the mobile ‘#TronWalletMe’ wallet, after doing my diligence and research about the wallet and it’s development team. Look out for one of my next video’s coming soon about the best and most secure mobile wallet for your Tron / TRX!

Bitcoin Lifestyles Pro Tip:
– Logging into the Tronscan wallet using the Ledger Nano S can sometimes be a little tricky. This issue will likely be solved in a future wallet version update, but for now logging in can require a couple extra steps…

– To prepare for the following steps, use the instructions from the official Ledger Nano S support site to update your firmware, install the TRX app to the nano device AND to download and install the Tronscan app to your computer from the official source:

– Open the Tronscan app on your computer.
Click ‘Open Wallet’ in the upper right hand corner.
Select the Login With Ledger option.

– Plug the Ledger into your computer via the ledger usb cable, enter your PIN code and select the Tron / TRX app on your nano device.

– Now if the login button that says ‘Ledger Connected’ does not appear, go ahead and click the ‘Private Key’ login option [no you do not need a private key right now.]

– Then re-select the login with Ledger option, and it should say that it is connected to the Ledger and give you a button to login to your wallet.

– Once you click the login button, just give it a moment to fully load, and then you will be inside your Tronscan wallet.

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