Auto Spin To Cash Earn Bitcoin And PayPal Free | $10 Free

enter refferal code while login-1wS9uCOG

Auto Click :
Simple Control :


1. Sign up with us. You can use your Facebook account to login too.

2. Spin to win! Tap on the spinning wheel and let the wheel spins.

3. The wheel will stop and you can see what you will get.

4. The coins you earn will be put in your balance.

5. Keep playing and collecting spin wheel prizes.

Additionally, you can get instant win by choosing the true Luck Number!

1. Go to Lucky number

2. Choose a number

3. Spin to win

4. If your number comes up, you will get Instant win!

5. If not, just try again. Remember we don’t deduct coins whatsoever!

You can also earn 100 Coins every day by pressing the Daily Check-In code. Please invite your friends! In need of entertainment? Watch videos and get some coins.


– You can view the details of the coins you earn on Wallet

– Once you reach the threshold you can get money cash from your winnings.

– Press Redeem and choose either you want money cash through Paypal or Bitcoin.

– Tap Submit to get your Bitcoin/ Free Paypal cash.

– We will send you the money cash to your account.


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