WP Jobs Board – Ajax Search and Filter WordPress Plugin

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WordPress Search & Filter Plugin for Jobs

WP Jobs Board is shortcode based that means you can create powerful jobs platform on any WordPress website. Use the shortcodes on any page and customize the filters as you want.

WP Jobs Board allow you to use the Google Maps API and search the jobs by location and radius. All you have to do is to set the API key and you’re ready to go! Simple and powerful.





Allow users to post jobs

In case you want to allow users to be able to post jobs, then you should know that it’s possible. Just use the shortcode [wpjb-add-job-form] and a form to add jobs will be displayed. Note: only members that registered with “Employer” account type will be able to post jobs.


1.3 / 7 May 2019
- fixed the issue that displayed the remote flag even if it’s set to off
- added the edit job link in the account shortcode
- single page name—> added the classnames for the job props

1.2 / 17 April 2019
- functionality to sort the applications in the admin section
- add custom email notifications for each job
- job apply form -> added custom fields functionality
- functionality to export to csv
- added date field in the applications page
- updated the .pot file

1.1 / 11 April 2019
- added reports/applications page in the dashboard
- added option to set the job listing status when created: published or draft
- added option to send email notification when a new job listing is created

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