Bitcoin to $10K | Walmart Sells $BTC | Billion Dollar Wallet Sold


Bitcoin Could Rally to $10,000 But Must First Be Able to Hold at $7,150 for a Few Weeks, Says Expert. 111,000 Bitcoin Wallet Becomes Active After 4 Years of Dormancy. Bitcoin Gold [BTG] to be delisted from Bittrex, declines to repay stolen coins from the BTG chain. Bitcoin [BTC] enthusiasts create a fully functional POS lightning system; Customers pay for beer in BTC. Uncomfirmed reports: Holochain is Going To Partner with Mozilla. NEX ICO off to a very smooth start! Round 1 started. RAM It All: Rising Costs Are Turning EOS Into a Crypto Coder’s Nightmare. Waltonchain Whitepaper 2.0 Official Release Announcement. Dogecoin the Future of Currency? Rises 120% in Seven Days. Alibaba, IBM Top Global Blockchain Patent Rankings, Says New Research. Walmart selling Bitcoin candy.

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