Bitcoin FALLING! Top 2 Reasons Why! [Bitcoin Today]

Bitcoin Analysis & Bitcoin-Crypto News Today: The Bitcoin price is falling. I show you the top two fundamental reasons as to why. But also, I use technical analysis on Bitcoin to show you the two biggest TECHNICAL reasons for the fall. You decide what you think sounds most reasonable. So, to watch my Bitcoin price prediction, watch the video!

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1:18 Two Reasons For The Fall!
6:29 Bitcoin Technical Analysis
14:50 Bitcoin & Crypto News

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31 Thoughts to “Bitcoin FALLING! Top 2 Reasons Why! [Bitcoin Today]”

  1. Well, he did say 70% chance of going up, so why the hate, that means 30% of going down?? I think Carl is right more then he is wrong, and I’ve been here a couple of months now

  2. “Anyhow, Google has reported recently that the total number of searches in Google for Bitcoin in 2018 have taken a massive hit, it is a proportionate loss of 75% of keyword searches linked to Bitcoin.” just read this on Ico Scientist – The Science of ICO (

  3. Hey Carl! Where are you? No more analysis? Why? What is happened?

  4. People just need the MOST basic understanding of economics. Bitcoin ISN'T low! The price is back to where it was in November, when it suddenly shot up and got far too high. It's falling because everybody knows it's falling, so everybody's selling… it's called CONFIDENCE.Bitcoin was in a bubble, the bubble has burst, and now it's undergoing a market correction. That's all there is to it. It will keep falling until the people holding bitcoin are the people who want to use bitcoin, and not the people holding bitcoin just to make money off it, because they're going to keep trying to cut their losses by selling. People who use bitcoin will continue to use it, but they will buy it and get rid of it, because nobody who knows how markets work is going to keep holding on to it until the correction period is over and it stabilises.

  5. very funny bro. 5000Btc doesnt affect the price bcs volume is much higher

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  11. Only 1% of the population own crypto, Do the math.

  12. Carl, I think you’re right about, bitcoin, And the need for Ethereum in the future.

  13. thanks for the video! as stated before, it is what it is 🙂 we just need to Hodl! thanks again man! 🙂

  14. Why is Lympo doing so well in a sea of red? What would need to happen for the price to decline? Hallam in always sunny Barbados.

  15. Say Thank you Soros the all star player shorter and thank you Rockafella for rocking a fella and thank you Futures for the Future.

  16. CARL, are This Possible For TRIPLE BOTTOM (Reversal) <=== Please Review This, so We Can Find the Bottom ini This Triple Bottom Chart.

  17. you should try to look @ futures of BTC more my guess.

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  21. What could be the target to buy?

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  23. Keep being a PermaBull bro, helping all of us traders who are actually making money. 4K here we come! Yeeeeee! 😂😎

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  26. Perfect video I listen to before napping, not to say it’s not good information

  27. I wouldn't bet on BTC being a killer to anyone. They can barely manage costs and scalability as it is. We're gonna need many of these other Protocols and Platform based Protocols because the ecosystem would not thrive. The essence of having more protocols creates a more decentralized but codependent ecosystem.

  28. BTC will drop to 3k, got my buy order at 3759

  29. listen to the song Bitcoin at Spinnin Records Talent Pool, you can hear the up and down value on the stock price.

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