Did Bitcoin Finally Bottom??

Bitcoin Market Recap #31: 6/6/2018

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10 Thoughts to “Did Bitcoin Finally Bottom??”

  1. I thought you were going to do a stream if there was major price movement

  2. looks like LTC is going to shit the bed

  3. if you want more volume to come in, click on the speakers icon at the bottom right of your screen and lift up

  4. Like you said with silver, I think BTC will have a terminal shake-out which is where I'm looking to buy.

  5. Y T

    Thanks for the video. All eyes on the weekly equilibrium/symmetrical triangle. A bear break seems more likely because the distance to support is smaller than to resistance (lows: 6000, 6400, 700; highs:11800 10000). On the other hand every whale that has some coins wants a bull break on this pattern. Either way I'm going to trade the breakout. I'm not even interested in trading until we get a clear break. So low volume and just dirty traps/bart-patterns everywhere. Daytrading feels more like gambling lately.

  6. Best trading video I have seen so far. Thanks

  7. Thanks for your videos. I really do not get how you only have 2700 subs yet. Thats crazy regarding the content you provide!

  8. Tom

    Awesome video man, really appreciate your insights, thank you!

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